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Formulary Information

Hopkinton Drug produces a wide variety of compounded medications. From compounded capsules and transdermal creams to injectables and inhalations, we have a state of the art lab and professional staff ready to prepare medications for your patients. Some of our more popular preparations are from the following categories:

Pain Management Sports Injuries
HRT Senior Care
Thyroid DME & Diabetic Care
Detoxification Weight Management
Pediatric Needs Vitamin Supplements

Our Formulary includes 6000+ formulations and is completely dynamic; we respond to your requests. Some popular items we prepare are:

Omeprazole Suspension Hydrocortisone in Acid Mantle
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Spray Aminopyridine Capsules
BEG Spray Thyroid Extract Capsules
Nitroglycerine Ointment
Cholestyramine Pure Powder USP Ketoprofen Cream
Ranitidine Liquid (alcohol free) Clonidine/Gabapentin/Baclofen/Ketamine Cream
Metronidazole Benzoate Suspension Clobetasol and Zinc Scalp Treatmentm
Nystatin Suspension

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At Hopkinton Drug we believe food, exercise and community in conjunction with an integrative approach to medicine can help you achieve your wellness goals.

Our staff provide expertise in pharmacy, supplements, homeopathics, durable medical equipment, compounding and veterinary compounding. In our Hopkinton pharmacy we offer traditional prescription services and much more. We work with you and your doctor to customize a treatment that fits your specific needs. Should you need a compound, our state of the art compounding lab helps us create a quality, custom medication for your treatment. Our professional staff is available for private consultation by phone or in person. We can ship prescription medications to all states where our pharmacy is licensed.