Vera Parker - PharmD

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Vera is a retail pharmacist at Hopkinton Drug, specializing in nutrition and dietary supplements. Vera moved to Hopkinton in 1998 with her parents, and graduated from Hopkinton High School in 2004. For college, she went to the University of Richmond in Virginia and earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2008. She first joined the Hopkinton Drug family as a pharmacy clerk in 2008, and was subsequently trained and certified as a pharmacy technician. After working as a pharmacy tech for the next year, Vera chose pharmacy school as the next logical step. She attended pharmacy school at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services in Worcester, MA and graduated with a PharmD in 2013. Later that year, she returned to Hopkinton Drug to work as a pharmacist. In 2014, Vera's role expanded to the vitamin and supplement department and she began counseling patients about nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation. Her professional interests include functional medicine and herbal remedies. Vera now lives in Worcester with her husband, Nick. She enjoys reading, computer games, arts and crafts, and walking outdoors in her spare time.